On behalf of the organising committee, we invite you to join the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) as a partner of #SAFETYSCAPE.
The Institute’s premier event of the year will be held from 22nd to 23rd May 2019 at International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney.

SIA has partnered with a number of key Occupational Health and Safety institutions to create the largest National conferencing and networking event for Health and Safety professionals in Australia.

This convention will bring thought leadership to the fore font and will encourage national and global debate and networking. The event will showcase topical, innovative safety ideas, methods and practices.

The Safety Institute of Australia’s own two day National Safety Conference, will be just one of the events featuring in the #SAFETYSCAPE program, which alone will attract more than 450 Health and Safety professionals.

We are proud to present #SAFETYSCAPE 2019, our biggest event yet.
partnership of #SAFETYSCAPE this is an opportunity for your organisation to:

  • Demonstrate that you are at the cutting edge
  • Engage with the leaders in this important field
  • Contribute to Work Health and Safety in Australia and throughout the world

We look forward to your support as we continue to build partnerships and provide new opportunities to all service suppliers and providers – Join us in 2019!