Marketing Health & Safety Properly Workshop

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety would like you to join us on Tuesday 26th May for the Marketing Health & Safety Properly Workshop at the Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre. 

‘Selling’ health and safety seem to be a perpetual challenge for professionals.  The father of modern marketing, Peter Drucker, famously defined the end-point of marketing as a product or service that sells itself.  To us, the benefits of better health and safety may seem obvious – but it may not be to others.

This workshop explores key concepts of marketing and sales, with participants applying them to the health and safety field in their specific context. Whether you’re ‘marketing’ to workers, senior managers or others in your supply chain, this workshop will help you close the gap between you and the people you seek to influence.

In this workshop we will:

  • Dig into the must-know ‘marketing 101’ concepts
  • Join the dots between everyday marketing we engage with, and health and safety
  • Imagine what marketing success looks like, for you in your situation
  • Enable each participant to create a marketing plan & have the capability to implement it immediately
Andrew Barrett loves doing different things to get different results.  He launched Safety on Tap, Australia’s #1 professional development podcast to support health and safety leaders around the globe to improve.  His job title, Chief Connector, means Andrew spends time doing three things all of which drive performance improvement: connecting people with new ideas, connecting people with each...
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