The annual #SAFETYSCAPE Convention will provide a platform where safety related ideas and insights can be shared and made relevant to an audience and to the entire Health & Safety community.

Delivering a program of events, workshops, forums, seminars and conferences; #SAFETYSCAPE 2019 will bring together Industry professionals who are interested in the wider issues of community safety.

The Safety Institute of Australia invites like minded organisations to participate within the 2019 Convention by hosting their own event during this week.

Why attend #SAFETYSCAPE ?

#SAFETYSCAPE provides an opportunity for all industries working across the wider health and safety profession to come together, exchange ideas and explore industry trends.


Connect with like minded health & safety professionals from across the county


Collaborate with colleagues and peers on the latest developments to the practice of health & safety


Engage, adopt and learn about the latest development and research trends in WHS

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